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Audi vehicles are prized possessions but like most other luxury cars they have common maintenance issues. Some of these issues are unique to Audi but that shouldn't stop you from enjoying your vehicle. Most engine failures can be prevented by performing regular maintenance services to your Audi, which the word means "listen" in German, and becomes "audi" in Latin. So whether it’s in German, Latin or English always listen to your vehicle needs.  

Failure of Ignition Coil or Spark Plug

Audi ignition coil failure is its single most common mechanical problem. It is also among the prime reason behind engine misfire. The solution is the installment of good quality OEM spark plugs and tuning of the engine to factory specs.

Exhaust Gas Re-Circulation (EGR)

EGR is primarily a system that lowers the temperatures in the combustion chamber. The problem that plagues EGR is carbon build-up and wear & tear. We make sure that your Audi Technician gets down to finding the real cause. Keep the engine fine-tuned and maintain it regularly to prevent EGR failure.
Oil Leaks

Oil leaks in an Audi can result from many places but the most common two places are 1- valve cover gasket and 2- Camshaft Tensioner. The solution is the replacement of either or both of the parts depending on which one is leaking, actually, as a preventative measure, we recommend doing both at the same time.

Replacing Oxygen Sensor

Replacement of oxygen sensor shouldn't be a tough job and most of the times owner treat it as a Do-it-Yourself activity, but we have seen several times owners change the wrong sensor, damage the new one or misdiagnose the job completely. Sometimes O2 Sensor failure is accompanied by other underline engine problems.

Performance upgrades

They are meant to add horsepower and push your vehicle to its maximum capability. From air intakes, exhaust system and suspension systems to APR Stage I, II or II – we have it all!

USP Euro Car Care in hand with USP Motorsports we are always about much more to make functional or aesthetic improvement to your Audi. Some performance parts, like turbochargers, oil coolers, dual exhausts (if not factory-installed), will add functionality which you only dreamed of before. Speak with a USP Performance expert about your Audi.

Here are Some Common Factory Maintenance Service Intervals and Repairs Always speak to USP Euro Car Care Service Advisor to determine which apply to your vehicle based on age, time and mileage or concerns:

Oil and Filter Change

Air and Cabin Filter Replacement

Fuel Filter Replacement (if applicable to your model)

Transmission Services for Automatic and DSG Services and

Manual Transmission Clutch Replacement

Differential Service ((if applicable to your model)

Brake Fluid Flush

Coolant Flush

Timing Belt or Chain Replacements

AC Service & Replacement

Battery, Alternator & Starter Check

CV Axle / Shaft Assembly Replacement

Brake Pad Replacement

Engine or Transmission Mount Replacement

Strut Assembly Replacement

Wheel Bearings Replacement

Fuel Pump Replacement

Ball Joint Replacement

Radiator, Water Pump, Thermostat & Hoses Replacement

Oxygen Sensor Replacement

Serpentine/Drive Belt Replacement

Ignition Coils & Spark Plugs Replacement

Throttle Body Replacement

Tires, Mount and Balancing


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