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Cool Car = More Power! Intercoolers Are Essential 🌬️

Cool Car = More Power! Intercoolers Are Essential 🌬️

One of the most overlooked modifications for the Volkswagen, Audi, Porsche, and any turbocharged car for that matter is easily the intercooler. Turbochargers produce massive amounts of heat, along with a massive amount of power. With this power, brings the heat element, which in turn reduces your power potential across the board. The factory intercooler is designed perfectly for the factory power level, normally with a stock car the car does not pick up any power and has low heat soak throughout the power range. The real difference is when you start requesting more air/power through the factory system after ECU tuning or modifications past stock. Like explained before, with this extra power, the car ends up falling on its face and heating itself up. Aftermarket intercoolers, especially OEM location versions, fix this issue and add more fresh air to the equation. Turbochargers love fresh air. Air = power.     As much as we use them for horsepower gainers + retainers, they al ... read more

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