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3 Key Indicators Your Cars Water Pump May Be Failing!

3 Key Indicators Your Cars Water Pump May Be Failing!

    When generally speaking about part replacements on your VW, Audi, Porsche, BMW, Mercedes Benz, and any car for that matter -- there are some things you can wait to fix, and then there are key items. Your water pump lands in the category of “need to fix ASAP”. Its primary job is to help provide cooling for the car. Without this part, you lead yourself down the road of a premature engine failure or other roads that don’t lead to great places. Unfortunately, most vehicle manufacturers in today’s world use plastic construction for these pieces, and don’t last for the lifetime of the vehicle.    The water pump’s main job is to provide movement for the vehicle coolant through the closed-loop system. This helps keep radiator temperatures low and stops heat buildup. With this movement, comes heat. Too much heat and you end up with a part that ends up warped or damaged. Once pump issues begin, it is very simple for things to escalat ... read more

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