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It's summertime! Have you checked your vehicle's battery health? 🌡️

It's summertime! Have you checked your vehicle's battery health? 🌡️

Summer months are brutal for not only any type of activity outside in Florida, but also brutal on your vehicle. Whether it be plastic panels, black seats, window tint, or even a battery ─ the heat negatively degrades components on your vehicle.  We cannot explain how many times come June, July, and August where customers are on their way to work or plans and they go to start the car….”click, click, click”. The famous dead battery tone that no one wants to hear. The summer heat introduces a rise in temperature under the hood which accelerates the degradation of a battery. AAA explains that they see a large uptick during the summer months, with almost 1.8 million battery related issues in 2019.   With over 20 years of experience in the repair world, we understand what is needed to keep our customers + even our employees out of the wind in this case. Whenever a vehicle is serviced at our shop, a battery load test is performed along with 29 other points of c ... read more

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