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The Importance Of Automatic Transmission Service (Haldex)

The Importance Of Automatic Transmission Service (Haldex)

Though sometimes overlooked, your Volkswagen/Audi/Porsche/BMW automatic transmission is far from a "set it and forget it" item on your vehicle. This vital piece of machinery is essential to your daily driving experience and sometimes can lend itself cumbersome when not serviced properly. It is easy to overlook, as you do not think past putting the car in "Drive" or "Park".  When people think AWD and Quattro, they think 4 wheel drive..."Oh, it's like a truck". In reality, this only partially correct. The AWD system on majority of the Volkswagen family cars proves itself time and time again in rough weather conditions, snow, sleet, mud, and anything you can throw at it. What people don't know is...the Haldex system is actually primarily FWD biased. This means instead of the car using all four wheels permanently, it actually primarily uses the front wheels. It only shifts power to the back wheels when a multitude of sensors de ... read more

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