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Hurricane Evacuation Vehicle Prep Checklist

How to prepare your vehicle for a Hurricane Evacuation

  1. Fuel Up! Don't leave this for last minute, you don't want to be hunting fuel as gas stations run out.
  2. Make sure you have your emergency gear in the vehicle, tow hook, jack, lock lug key, spare tire, etc
  3. Check your fluid levels, have them topped off if needed, inspect that those low fluids don't = Leaks.
  4. Have your battery tested, if it's been more than 2 years since you replaced the battery, replace it.
  5. Tire tread depth and dry-rotting check, set air pressure, label on your driver side door will indicate proper specs,  if your tires are at 4/32nds or below, more than 3 years old, have them replaced. Low tread or old tires are dangerous for hurricane weather conditions.
  6. Brake inspection, road conditions become hectic with thousands of Floridians leaving during a hurricane and at times can turn into hours of stop and go traffic, the constant use of brakes will cause excessive wear and tear. If your brake pads are at 4MM or less have them replaced.
  7. AC Check, Rain conditions and winds speeds increasing carrying debris are not optimal conditions to have your windows open. 
  8.  Bulbs, headlights, taillights, turn signals, check that they are working properly and keeping you visible on the road. 
  9. Dashboard Indicator lights ON? Have then scanned and diagnosed, a check engine light can be something simple but can also indicate a severe issue on the rising. Airbag, ABS, TPMS Indicator Lights are just as important, these functions can fail during a crisis such as airbags not deploying or losing braking capabilities. 
  10. We want you to be safe! Stay put if you think your vehicle does not meet any of these checklist points.
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