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😮 Not all oil changes are created equally!

As a car owner ─ oil changes + routine service work, hopefully, are a part of your routine to keep the car safe rolling. They are second nature, yet always pop up at the most opportune times. Whether you take your car to the local quick-lube chain, OEM dealership, or specialty European repair shop -- there are huge differences. When choosing a place to repair or service your vehicle the following variables are always in play: technician skill level, pricing, oil/parts quality, and convenience. When it comes to European vehicles, these attributes provide valuable insight into the quality of service you are receiving. 

There are always exceptions to every rule, but generally speaking, the shops that promise you a “30-minute oil change”, should be the last on your list on where you chose your Volkswagen, Audi, Porsche, BMW, or Mercedes Benz service. While there are some “quick lube” shops, that do excellent work ─ these shops work on a volume model. The more cars they can turn in-and-out, the more money the shop makes. On some European vehicles, it takes longer to just drain the oil than they have in that time window. This can potentially leave oil deposits and worn oil in your system. Defeating the purpose of a fluid service in the first place. 

Our technicians at USP Euro Car Care have a combined 50+ years of experience with Volkswagen, Audi, Porsche, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and European vehicles. Whether it be diagnostic, service, or performance work ─ this level of experience trickles down directly into your experience. Armed with that knowledge, our service advisors educate you on the current state of your car, instead of “selling”. Even on a simple oil change, we provide digital vehicle inspections that help you understand and feel better about servicing your vehicle. 

All oil changes at USP Euro Car Care include: 

  1. Full synthetic LIQUI-MOLY™ motor oil replacement
  2. OEM oil filter replacement
  3. All fluid level checks & corrections
  4. Computer diagnostic scan
  5. Engine + cabin filter sanitation check
  6. Wiper blade inspection
  7. Tire inflation check & corrections
  8. Tire wear measurement
  9. Brake component inspection
  10. Suspension component inspection
  11. A/C system temperature check
  12. Window inspection
  13. Horn inspection
  14. Engine + transmission mount inspection
  15. Reset Maintenance Counter


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