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Visit USP Euro Car Care in Coral Springs for BMW Service you can feel confident in. Our auto mechanics specialize in European-made vehicles, and they are passionately engaged in the auto repair industry. BMW service requires a team with the knowledge and skills to handle the task; USP Euro Car Care will help you establish regular service intervals and give you a deeper picture of your vehicle, one you might not have had before.

Founded in 1916, nothing says legacy and commitment to quality like BMW. Their brand is synonymous with high-grade manufacturing, luxury, aesthetics, and functionality. BMW Service takes a unique skillset, and sourcing parts can be difficult for some shops; that isn't a problem for USP Euro Car Care. We have more than 20+ years of experience, specializing in performance vehicles and European-made machines like your BMW.

USP Euro Car Care opened its doors to the public in 2000, and Coral Springs has welcomed us since day one. We repay that love by working hard, every day, to provide high-quality care with a personal touch. We use industry-leading technology and the ever-curious minds of our ASE-Certified auto mechanics to give you our very best care. We feature a  3-Year Unlimited-Mile warranty through Technet, which proves our belief in our auto mechanics, the parts we source, and the care we deliver. We have financing options through Synchrony and SNAP, and we do safety inspections with every visit. See what our customers have to say about USP Euro Car Care:

"Great experience! I took my BMW for overheating problems, and it was up and running in 24 hrs. Great job, guys. I'm a customer from now on for all my auto repair needs! Thanks, USP Euro Car Care!" -- Andres C.

Come to USP Euro Car Care in Coral Springs for BMW service with a personal touch. Please schedule an appointment for service, and add us on Facebook. You can find USP Euro Car Care at 7716 Wiles Road, Coral Springs, FL 33067. We serve Coral Springs, Boca Raton, Palm Beach, and beyond. Our working hours are Monday - Friday, 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM. USP Euro Car Care has the proper equipment, specialty tools, factory scan computers, & expertise to complete most any job, big or small.

Common BMW Services and Repairs

Oil Change with Courtesy Inspection

At USP Euro Car Care we use OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) oil filters, not generic filters, and Liqui Moly High Tech Full Synthetic Oil. When our technicians perform oil change services, they also inspect your vehicle for common problems as a preventative maintenance precaution to help prevent breakdown and/or catastrophic failure. We do not use an entry level lube technician for oil change services like the dealership.

Maintenance Repair Services

Also known as a Minor and/or Major Service, in addition to the first service mentioned above, our technicians replace spark plugs and air filters, all this is designed to ensure that your car is operating properly. In addition to everything covered in an Oil Service, in 2010-Present models, it is recommended at 30,000, and then every 60,000 miles after that.

Brakes Replacement

Braking is one of the most important aspects of your vehicle. It is very important to maintain and inspect your brakes on regular service intervals. USP Euro Car Care uses only high quality or OEM brake components to ensure your vehicle’s braking system remains safe and reliable.

Timing Belt Replacement

The timing belt service is a mandatory, large service required on your vehicle varying between 45k and 75k miles. It is extremely important to complete this service due to fact that these vehicles have interference between valves and pistons. Failure to do so will result in complete catastrophic engine failure. During this service, it is recommended by USP Euro Car Care and your vehicle manufacturer to also replace the idler roller, tensioner roller, water pump, thermostat, and accessory drive belt. This is an expensive, but mandatory service. Neglecting this will end up costing you more than 5 times the amount of the service.

Steering, Suspension & Bushings

Suspension and steering systems are the key to keeping your vehicle riding smooth and feeling in control. Problems in a vehicles suspension and control arms will cause multiple issues including, but not limited to, clunking, uneven tire wear, uncomfortable ride, improper alignment, and squeaking. Malfunctioning suspension components will cause irregular tire wear and could potentially greatly decrease the life of your tires, costing money in the long run. Routine maintenance services at USP Euro Car Care include an inspection of the suspension and steering system of your vehicle. Our technicians are highly experienced in these platforms making diagnostics of customer issues and preventative maintenance very efficient.

Performance Upgrades

USP Euro Car Care offers a selection of BMW performance upgrades for all BMWs, specializing in the BMW M3, M4, M5, M6. Such are, BMW brake kits, BMW Exhaust Kits, BMW suspension upgrades, and BMW performance chips.

Here are Some Common Factory Maintenance Service Intervals and Repairs Always speak to USP Euro Car Care Service Advisor to determine which apply to your vehicle based on age, time and mileage or concerns:

Oil and Filter Change

Air and Cabin Filter Replacement

Fuel Filter Replacement (if applicable to your model)

Transmission Services for Automatic and DSG Services and

Manual Transmission Clutch Replacement

Differential Service ((if applicable to your model)

Brake Fluid Flush

Coolant Flush

Timing Belt or Chain Replacements

AC Service & Replacement

Battery, Alternator & Starter Check

CV Axle / Shaft Assembly Replacement

Brake Pad Replacement

Engine or Transmission Mount Replacement

Strut Assembly Replacement

Wheel Bearings Replacement

Fuel Pump Replacement

Ball Joint Replacement

Radiator, Water Pump, Thermostat & Hoses Replacement

Oxygen Sensor Replacement

Serpentine/Drive Belt Replacement

Ignition Coils & Spark Plugs Replacement

Throttle Body Replacement

Tires, Mount and Balancing



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