What Is A Vehicle Diagnostic?

Your auto repair shop is not too different from your doctor’s office! You might think of your auto repair shop, and its auto mechanics like you do a doctor’s office and its doctors. Doctors and medical technicians need special education and certifications to ensure the public they are qualified to handle the job; auto mechanics are the same!

You might have heard of “ASE-Certifications” before. These are certification courses and tests that auto mechanics and service advisors go through to test their knowledge of cutting-edge industry standards and vehicle requirements. Like medical school for a doctor, it helps ensure that your auto mechanics and master technicians make the right diagnosis. Just like a doctor, auto mechanics take incredibly thorough examinations of your vehicle, inside and out, and prepare recommendations and prescriptions for care!

Do Vehicles Ever Get ”Misdiagnosed”?

Believe it or not, Misdiagnosis happens often. Frequently, it’s because the shop doesn’t have the correct tools or the technicians have not been fully trained. ASE-Certification is not mandatory in all auto repair shops. While a lifetime of experience always beats a fresh degree, you might find yourself in front of a brand new employee with no experience or certifications to boot!

Diagnostics is a highly valued skill, and not everyone is a wizard at it. Add the complexities and specific knowledge it takes to diagnose exotic vehicles (like European models) properly, and you increase the chances of facing a misdiagnosis. It’s imperative that you carefully select the right team with the right skill set to handle your specific needs and specifications.

What Is A “No Wrench” Vehicle Inspection?

We offer something special at USP Euro Car Care; we offer a 15-minute complimentary “no-wrench inspection.” During our “no-wrench inspection,” you can expect our ASE-Certified auto mechanics and master technicians to spend 15 minutes performing a visual inspection of your vehicle. They will thoroughly examine your vehicle, making notes of anything they see, detailing a report for you, and discussing their findings.

If our technicians determine that a repair is needed or your vehicle could use service, we will communicate with you and discuss what steps we can take to solve the problem! This helps you save time and money and helps you ensure your vehicle stays on the road; in stronger condition.

Don’t take your European vehicle to just any shop, be careful when you make your decision. Misdiagnosis does happen, and when it does, it can be costly in time and money. Find a trusted auto repair shop that specializes in European vehicles, like USP Euro Car Care.

Don’t hesitate to make USP Euro Car Care in Coral Springs, FL, your go-to auto repair shop for European vehicles. Contact us today to book an appointment, and we’ll set you up with a complimentary 15 minute “no wrench inspection” with one of our ASE-Certified auto mechanics. We bring over 20+ years of specialized vehicle service to the Coral Springs community, and we would love to welcome you to our shop!