Summer is here! And Florida summers are oppressively hot. The August mugginess has even been compared to walking in warm soup! It’s important to stay cool when and where you can. And the Summer sun can do a lot of damage to European cars.

There’s a lot you can do to keep your car cool all summer. Here’s some advice on staying cool all summer long:

Tactile Parking — if you know where to take advantage of shade, you can keep the car cool for hours. Just remember to crack your windows enough to let air in, without letting rain in.

Strategic Errands — One super-tactile way to avoid parking in the hot summer sun is to simply leave the car in the shade all day– don’t go out during daylight hours. Running errands at night (whenever possible) means your car stays out of the heat, and so do you!

Interior Coping — seat covers and windscreen shades can help keep the sun from soaking into your upholstery, where it can do damage and build lasting heat.

Vehicle Upkeep — there’s so much in your car working to keep the car, and your passengers, cool and safe. There’s the air conditioning, the fans and filters, the coolant, and much more. Keeping the cooling powers of your car in good working order is a great way to keep the heat off.

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