The Florida rainy season is upon us. Our heaviest rains and most violent storms occur in the months of July, August, and September, when the summer sun is at its most violent and the cooling change of the season begins to create storms.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has predicted 2022 to be a particularly violent rainy season, with 14-221 named storms predicted. That’s a lot of water under our chassis. Coral Springs drivers have natural worries about how to navigate violent weather ahead. Here are our thoughts for new arrivals to the Cape Coral area about how to navigate rain season:

Rust comes for Florida cars, particularly for cars in coastal towns. There’s no cure-all to defeat rust, but one sure way to get ahead of the problem is to maintain your vehicle with regular check-ups. Your mechanic can spot things like brake calipers starting to erode and do something.

Flooding is also a concern. Cars don’t really work when under water, as engines can’t process through water. You want to avoid flooding areas and avoid leaving your car somewhere that is compromised by flash flooding.

Beach driving is not recommended. Beach driving is iffy enough when your car lacks 4-wheel drive, but during a season of sudden storms, a car parked on a sandy beach– even a smooth, flat beach– may not get out of the sand again without shovels and manpower. This is one of those issues that people ignore until they see a car ¾ buried in the shoreline and they begin to take Florida weather seriously.

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