We have an incredible team of ASE-Certified auto mechanics, Service Advisors, and Master Technicians at USP Euro Car Care. Our team actively searches Coral Springs for the best the auto repair field has to offer; we dedicated this page to their introduction. Everyone on our team has their own unique skill set and point of passion. Combined, we span decades of experience in a worldwide range of performance and traditional vehicles. Scroll down to meet the experts at USP Euro Car Care!




Chris’s passion in the car world started at a young age. At 14, he began building + selling car audio equipment out of his mom’s garage. The car audio business was a success and he was able to fuel his growing passion for racing. The audio shop quickly morphed into a full service car repair shop. Chris tackled everything from general repairs to race cars. At age 18, Chris outgrew his mom’s garage and opened the same shop we operate in today! With over 20 years of business, Chris prides himself in offering customers the ultimate solution for your European vehicle — offering the nation’s top level repair and service facility to the South Florida area. For more information on Chris’s story: story, check out this article https://www.secretentourage.com/success-stories/chris-green/

Where can you find him when not at work?

Chris has a passion for horsepower, whether that be in his record setting 1500HP Audi B5 S4 or 1200HP Porsche GT2. He also likes spending countless hours at sea fishing, boating, or anywhere with his wife, son, daughter, golden doodle, and chihuahua.

What is in Chris's garage?

A 2020 Porsche Taycan Turbo S is the latest addition to his stable and it has turned him into a true believer in the future of electric vehicles. As explained above, Chris also has a few high horsepower vehicles that burn plenty of high test fuel — such as Porsche GT2, Audi B5 S4, and other classic European vehicles.




Tyler was born and raised in Coral Springs, Florida. Minutes from our service facility. Tyler is an accredited ASE Certified Service Consultant with over 12 years of experience in the automotive industry. Tyler also has extensive performance based experience and provides education based knowledge for customers looking to pull extra power out of their vehicle. This also lends itself well for communication for the customer on issues and pesky things customers may have with their vehicle. Tyler takes every day as a learning experience with the vehicles and that enhances the service to every vehicle that comes into the shop. His main goal is to make every customer feel like they have been taken care of by a trusted professional.

Where can you find him when not at work?

Tyler attends cars & coffee events and loves tinkering with his vintage 1979 Honda CB750. Tyler also enjoys good food & good company with good people. You can find him in the mornings trying different pastries in the Delray Beach area.

What is in Tyler's Garage?

2012 Volkswagen Jetta GLI is Tyler’s baby. Loaded up with Stage 2 software and supporting modifications — this gets him to the office before anyone in the mornings!




Eduar, also known as Eddie, was born in the Dominican Republic. With over 30 years of repair, diagnostic, and tinkering on anything with a motor — Eddie is one of the most skilled technicians in the country and USP’s longest standing employee of over 15 years. His countless hours of diagnostic and hands-on experience lends him priceless tips & tricks that help educate the customer on their vehicle. No problem, goes unsolved…mainly because he has come across it before. 110% satisfaction and confirmation is his specialty.

Where can you find him when not at work?

Eddie enjoys time with his family and working on cars 365 days of the year. He frequents local trips to the race track and travels back home to DR to enjoy the beaches & frozen adult beverages.

What is in Eduar's Garage?

2012 GMC Sierra is his work horse and daily driver. Eddie also has a fleet of Volkswagen’s that he maintains for his family members. Most of these cars are restored Volkswagen classics that he rebuilds, restores, and turns them around into priceless & reliable daily drivers.




Kevin has long been a part of the USP family since his introduction to the European car scene. For years, he would provide a hand when we traveled to New Jersey for races and events. In 2019, Kevin relocated to South Florida and officially joined our team full time. He brings over 12 years of experience and masterful detail. He is trained and versed with all factory diagnostic computer tools, such as OTIS. This provides a beyond dealer level service for the end customer.

Where can you find him when not at work?

Kevin enjoys learning the in’s and out’s of fabrication. Whether it be a custom welded bracket for his latest project car, or billet hardware pieces for his hobbies.

What is in Kevin's Garage?

2021 Toyota 4Runner TRD is his daily driver. Kevin also has a fully custom 2021 Audi TTRS with 24V VR6 engine from VW R32. This will be one of the first in this chassis and exemplifies his desire to do things outside the box and learn.




Mike is a long-time resident of Coral Springs, our home base for the repair shop. Being a local, Mike was already around to talk shop. He brings over 20 years of technician experience in the domestic and European world. 12-volt wiring is his specialty.

Where can you find him when not at work?

Since growing up and moving on from Honda’s — Mike has now found a new found love in home renovation projects and spending time with his daughter and wife.

What is in Mike's garage?

Mike is currently daily driving and building a Honda Civic EG for quite some time. He daily drives this project and has an estimated completion date of 2042 on the build.