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Porsche Service, Maintenance and Repairs

Since 1948 Porsche has had a large presence in the racing and automobile communities. Porsche is no different than other German automobiles when it comes to maintenance, Part of owning a Porsche is making sure that the technicians who maintain your vehicle are qualified, experienced and can access the right parts and diagnostics. At USP Euro Car Care we only hire the best, and we make sure they have access to the tools they need to take care of your Porsche the way it should be. Our professional Service Advisors and Technicians get to know you and your vehicle so they can provide you with customized care.

As a Broward County Auto Shop known as Automotive Specialists for Porsche cars, we are your one-stop shop for most common and non-common automotive services, repairs and maintenance, you will feel a personalized service from the moment you come in, we offer a welcoming reception area with coffee and water, tv, free WiFi and if you need a ride to work or home we can gladly offer you an Uber ride or if we are performing extensive work to your Porsche we will provide a free loaner vehicle with approved repairs.  

Check Engine Light, Rough Running and White Smoke

Porsche 911, Boxter, Caymans often trigger the check engine light and experience rough running, accompanied at times by white smoke from the tailpipe. This is typically caused by failing crankcase vent vales or oil separators.

Intermediate Shaft Bearing Failure

The Porsche 911 and Porsche Boxster from model year 1997 to 2005 have a high failure rate of the intermediate shaft bearing also known as an IMS bearing. A highly problematic issue, the basic function is to drive the four camshafts via timing chains

 And the failure of the IMS can rather quickly lead to a destroyed engine. Unfortunately, there are really no signs that will tell you if the IMS is on the way out. At USP Euro Car Care our professional techs are always checking for metal and plastic particles in the oil filters at oil changes. If particles are present there is a good chance the IMS bearings are failing. Plastic in the oil filter is an indication the bearing sealing rings are degrading and metal in the filter indicates the bearing itself is failing and preventative repair will avoid further costly damages.

Water Pump Leak 

The water pump in an engine is used to pump water around the coolant system to prevent the overheating of the engine. If overheating does occur, it can lead to the head and block cracking, a replacement that can cost a lot for a Porsche. Ensure that your heat levels are negligible and if they become unmanageable, get the water pump checked out immediately.


Porsche | USP Euro Car Care

Problematic Brakes

When you press the brake, you shouldn't be hearing squeaking or squealing coming from the vehicle, and if you do, that probably means that the brakes need checking or replacing. If you hear the uncomfortable sound of metal rubbing on metal, take your Porsche to the dealer as soon as humanly possible to deal with it.


Nothing is quite as unnerving as hearing your Porsche give off sounds like a thirty-year-old lemon. Clunks may be due to anything from cradle bushings to shocks, to engine mounts to ball joints, the list is exhaustive. Constant wear and tear on these items mean that when the clunks start, it’s time to start thinking about replacements.

Heavy Clutch Pedal

Often suffer from a “heavy clutch pedal”. The problem is commonly a result of the clutch assist pressure accumulator failing. European Auto Tech’s master technicians can diagnose this issue and restore your Porsche Turbo’s performance, typically with the replacement of the accumulator and slave cylinder.


Porsche Performance Upgrades, and Repair | USP Euro Car Care

Here are Some Common Factory Maintenance Service Intervals and Repairs Always speak to USP Euro Car Care Service Advisor to determine which apply to your vehicle based on age, time and mileage or concerns:

  • Oil and Filter Change
  • Air and Cabin Filter Replacement
  • Fuel Filter Replacement (if applicable to your model)
  • Transmission Services for Automatic and DSG Services and
  • Manual Transmission Clutch Replacement
  • Differential Service ((if applicable to your model)
  • Brake Fluid Flush
  • Coolant Flush
  • Timing Belt or Chain Replacements
  • AC Service & Replacement
  • Battery, Alternator & Starter Check
  • CV Axle / Shaft Assembly Replacement
  • Brake Pad Replacement
  • Engine or Transmission Mount Replacement
  • Strut Assembly Replacement
  • Wheel Bearings Replacement
  • Fuel Pump Replacement
  • Ball Joint Replacement
  • Radiator, Water Pump, Thermostat & Hoses Replacement
  • Oxygen Sensor Replacement
  • Serpentine/Drive Belt Replacement
  • Ignition Coils & Spark Plugs Replacement
  • Throttle Body Replacement
  • Tires, Mount and Balancing
  • Alignment

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