From like 2002 and beyond I’ve known chris, ordered stuff from him, hung out with him at his shop back when it was small time. Took a break from the VAG world and now I’m back. Happy to see USP has grown to a very reputable establishment within the community. Probably gonna order my JB4 for my 17′ S3 soon. From non other than USP as I’m sure they are as trusted as ever before.

Thanks for the review my friend! We appreciate the walk down memory lane and we would love if you stopped by the shop sometime! Let us know if you need any help with the JB4!Sent an email in reference to a JB4 beta purchase. With Bluetooth connect. E30 blend will more than likely be fuel of choice as E85 is readily available. Too bad running E85 isn’t supported by APR.

– USP Euro Car Care

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