If only all business men were as dedicated and competent as USP Euro Car Care, then one would not have to think twice before ordering car. I was in the process of building an mk4 jetta 2.1 when my dumb ass had one of the rings broken. I ordered a set of 83mm Mahle piston rings from USP Euro Car Care. They had to get it from Integrated Engineering, and mark my words, IE had to source that particular set from Mahle. I had paid for ground shipping, so I was not expecting it delivere…d till after 5 business days. All I had to do is explain my frustrating situation to John, Jiaan, and Phil at USP Euro Car Care and what did they do? They followed up for me and had the rings expedited. I had the rings in today, and I was building my engine with the big smile on my face. Honestly these guys just made ECS Tuning look like trash. To all who are reading this review, I implore you to consult with John, Jiaan, or Phil and they will take care of you as though they can see through your perspective. I will never order from ECS ever again, I don’t care about their free shipping on orders $50 and above. It is like that because their shipping department is horse shit. I will rather pay USP for the shipping. You get what you pay for. Thumbs up USP!!!

Thanks to you guys a lot!!!!

– USP Euro Car Care

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