Be careful buying online! Paying for 2 day shipping doesn’t guarantee that they’ll ship in in any reasonable timeframe. I ordered a drive belt from them with 2 day shipping so it would arrive when my car was in the shop. they didn’t even send the package out until 3 days after the order. I had to go out and buy the belt from a local shop. I contacted them asking for a refund, and the best they would do is for me to pay for shipping and pay a 15% restocking fee. There’s a small line on the website that says “ships when available: we will give you an estimated ship date after you place your order”, so you can pay for expedited shipping only to learn that they’re going to sit on an item for 3 days before sending it your way. Terrible shipping policies and apathetic customer service!

Hello Bradford, Thanks for taking the time to give us feed back, Good or bad this helps us improve our service. 90% of our products do ship within 24 hours. it does look like your product did ship within 48 hours but fell over a weekend. once I am very sorry to hear you were not happy with our service. If there is anything I can do please reach out to me

– USP Euro Car Care

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