Everytime i was about to order something online they always help me out as much as possible. They make great products and not the cheap crappy kind u can find on ebay. Everything is delivered on time and exactly as it is described. I definetly recommend checking these guys out for some stuff you might need. Been ordering all sorts of things over the course of 2 years. Keep up the great work USP.

I have pictures if youd like to see this was NOT a manufactured post but legitimate.Well thats cool but they lied to me about a restocking fee and charged me shipping for their f up now I’m out 44 buck I don’t like trolling but I’m reading alot of the same problems from others but if u had a good dealings with them greatHmm. Id see if you are able to work something out with them. Sorry to hear that though.Ya I just got a voice mail from Phil about my post so I’ll give him a call on my break tomorrow and see if they will take care,of me like I said I don’t like bashing ppl but I don’t like being lied too

– USP Euro Car Care

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