Ordered a complete interior led set for my MK6 Jetta just to have two bulbs missing. I contacted USP through both email and phone. First by email then by phone. The rep I talked to said that emailing customer service was the way to deal with this issue. So, I took his word for it, but then never heard anything. So, I emailed customer service again and got a response this time. Just to be told that because I didn’t inspect my package and took pictures within 48 hours that there was nothing they could do for me. Great policy USP! I will never again shop or recommend USP to anyone. There is nothing that raises a red flag like a company that has bad customer service, doesn’t stand behind their product, and to top it off have ridiculous policies. My advice go with ECS Tuning. They have great hassle free customer service and stand behind their product. For example I ordered some wheels from ECS Tuning, and they sent me hub centric rings that didn’t fit. I made a call to ECS Tuning, and five minutes later I was off the phone and new rings were being shipped. Simple, easy, no hassle, stood behind their product! *I am not an employee or brand ambassador of ECS Tuning* Just sharing my experiences with both companies. *Reply to owner of USP* If you actually looked through your customer service emails you would have noticed that I did email you guys shortly after I received my order. I also called a day or two later from the email to ask about status. The person I talked to never said anything about pictures. Also if your gonna have ridiculous policies at the very least you should make sure the customer is aware. I have nothing to gain from two cheap led bulbs. How could I possibly believe that you stand behind your product when it’s a hassle to get a replacement for two cheap led bulbs?! I would not want to be in this situation if it was a high value item.

Charlie, We appreciate the feedback and apologize on the inconvenience this may have given you during the order process. I see here that you contacted our customer support team in regards to your order + you were instructed to take pictures of what you received for — so we can send out the correct package. Like explained, you had the package for over four months before raising and issues with our team. We stand behind all of our products and would have gladly go above and beyond our policies if you had sent a picture of what you received in your package back in April. Thank you.

– USP Euro Car Care

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