STAY AWAY! I purchased a Clutchmasters clutch and slave cylinder from them in mid October. It is nearly mid December and my car is still sitting in the garage. I was sent the wrong clutch TWICE and had to argue with some idiot for 15 emails before they sent me the second one, which was still wrong. The slave cylinder does nothing but leak fluid from internal o-rings, it is clearly defective, but they give me excuses about “well Clutchmasters said this and that blah blah” and wont let me return it! Guess what, I didn’t buy it from Clutchmasters, I bought it from USP! If they wont let YOU return it, thats YOUR problem. Not your customers problem. Very unprofessional business practices going on here. I paid nearly $1,200 and have nothing to show for it except a clutch I didn’t order and a billet paper weight. FRAUD!

Hello, Christopher thanks for the review but unfortunately you are on the wrong business this is the local repair shop that services vehicles.

– USP Euro Car Care

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