This was my first visit to an independent shop, always taken my Mercedes E350 to the Dealership but as the vehicle gets older the more expensive it was becoming. Tyler and Gloria were amazing, very professional and knowledgeable on Mercedes scheduled services. They sent me an email with a checklist that the mechanic filled out when he inspected my car. It had pictures and showed me a small leak that the dealership never mentioned, you could tell it had been leaking for months! These guys are the real deal, they love cars and show it in their work. Told my son he needed to bring his SL500 which has been giving a problem for a while and the dealership wanted over $300 to diagnose it.

We love hearing when customers have an amazing experience especially knowing that our staff was a part of that. Thank you so much for giving us a 5 star Review! Your Mercedes E350 looks amazing we truly enjoyed working on it and despite the oil leak your car is in excellent conditions. Hope we can make your son’s experience just as memorable.

– USP Euro Car Care

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