The hood strut is easy to install but when i installed it it was a defected one and it pushed my hood up creating a big gap, i tried lowering it as much as possible but nothing helped. When i contacted the USP representative he told me to try to install it again and push it down but nothing helped so they said to send me pictures of it being defected and the crack and if it was very visible they would send me a new one because they DONT accept returns once the product is open… i sent pictures in and he said he saw the crack and then never replied or sent me a replacement after telling me it will be sent up to the managers. Still waiting on something from them. I bought it from them because i thought they were professionals, but i have had better luck communicating on eBay with China. (05/16/19)After getting in contact with USP we finally got it all figured out, happy they responded and everything was smooth.

Hello Dima, First off thanks for the review. I am very sorry to hear about this problem, I have installed many of these kits myself and can assure you they work correctly. I will be going over this with our support team and see where we left off and have someone get you all squared away.

– USP Euro Car Care

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