They’re not serious about business I bought almost 5000$ in parts for my vehicle and first I was waiting almost a moth for a turbo upgrade kit and two days before the kit supposed to shipped out they call me and say ohh your order it’s being canceled because we are out of stock, and them when I finally got all the parts to start working on my vehicle I found out that the boost pipe kit that I order from them didn’t fit my vehicle, I contacted them and at first they just didn’t want to do any refund or exchange even knowing that they sent the wrong item, I sent another email back saying how frustrated I was and the say ok sent the item back to us and we will give you a store credit, when they finally get the item, they say they will not do anything because the parts were damaged and I tried to installed, first I sent the parts in the original packaging as they came to my place never opened before, please everyone who wants to do business with this merchant think about it they’re not serious about customer care even if they make the mistake, I will provided any proof to anybody ,receipts, emails, make sure this people change the way they treat customers.

Hello Jean, Thanks for review good or bad we love hearing from you. I have owned this business for 16 years and I assure you I am very serious about business. I did personally look at the returned parts in question that you sent back and they are very badly scratched up to the point where they could not be resold. I understand your car is AWD and these pipes were bought for a FWD please correct me if I am wrong. I looked at your past orders and saw a few different cars which clearly means you are a good customer, Did you happen to take note of these parts being badly damaged when they arrived to you? I am all for helping out here but I need more info. Did you try to install them? Were they scratched during shipping back to our warehouse? Our customer service manger tried to contact you in effort to get this info but was not able to reach you. is where I can be reached at thanks,

– USP Euro Car Care

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