Excellent Service! USP is a must for German car owners/enthusiasts who wish to maintain their vehicles, turn them into powered beasts, or both. Located in the middle of a strip mall along Wiles Rd. this gem of a garage shop is staffed with highly knowledgeable folks who share a passion for the vehicles they service. I own a 10 year old MK V GTI, and my car’s journey with USP began with a series of select modifications designed to increase horsepower and ride stability. Now, at nearly 160,000 miles, my car still drives like new, thanks to USP’s in-depth engine diagnostics and skilled mechanics who are seasoned professionals. Moreover, USP uses Liqui Moly oils and treatments for their cars-which is simply the best oils and lubricants on the market (Google it). If you have a Volkswagen, BMW, Audi or Porsche, pay a visit to USP for your car’s maintenance. You’ll be glad you did.

Miguel you flatter us with your review! thank you so much and we look forward to seeing you and your 10 year old AWESOME MK V GTI.

– USP Euro Car Care

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