any car owners nightmare came true for me, my car was severely damaged by the neglect of attention to detail from pep boys as they gave me the wrong type of battery for my car causing many electrical components to fry. I had my car towed to usp for diagnostics and repairs. This team did a Phenomenal job and kept in communication with me every step of the way. My mk 7.5 is back and better than ever thanks to usp. the work was done immediately as ordered parts for my car came in. Ive been taking my car to usp for 2 years now and as a loyal costumer I can guarantee that this place has a passion for what they do, and they do it professionally, properly, and with the costumer always kept in mind. my google rating is a 5 star but my personal rating is ????????????????????.

Thank you so much Nick for the 6-Star Review! We are thrilled to know that the clutch is operating to your satisfaction! look forward to seeing you on your next service.

– USP Euro Car Care

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