My car a 2013 Golf R went into USP for a Haldex fluid service, oil change w liquid moly full synthetic and GFB Diverter valve install. The car was at the shop all day- but I must say it was worth the wait. Tyler and Gloria were very nice to work with. The diverter valve upgrade made a difference to the boost delivery- previously at around 5200 rpm i would lose boost- however the boost would come on very strong at lower rpms-(sometimes when i didnt want it to) now the boost builds more evenly throughout the rev range and stays strong till red line- additionally liquid moly oil seems to have quietened my engine- noticablly at idle. I will be back for more! Thanks USP!

This is great news, Scott! we are very glad that your boost issue was resolved, and very pleased to hear how Tyler and Gloria made your visit pleasant. The Haldex service which includes servicing the differential is sometimes overlooked but really important for the AWD, good job being on top of the ball!

– USP Euro Car Care

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