USP is not just a business, they are enthusiests, friends, part of the community, and IT SHOWS. USP Euro Car Care has been my go to business for 2.5 years. I made a promise to only go through USP for any of my purchases after a fantastic first sales experience. This store has far beyond exceeded all of my expectations each interaction. I have always been able to rely on them for everything from technical help to specifications to smoothing over orders for me. Even though I am l…ikely not their biggest customer, they continue to wow me with excellent service any time I contact or do business with them. I have been through USP Euro Car Care throughout their growth. I can assure you, they never lost that personal connection with their customers. I will be honest, I had one missed communication with USP, but it was quickly corrected. I received a surprise and delight call from Phil that smoothed everything over. He even gave me his direct contact information and encouraged me to directly work with him if needed in the future. This type of experience is the exact reason why I could never go with another company. They truly do value their customers like a “ma and pop” shop would, but definitely hit a volume that far exceeds that. As always, I fully support USP Euro Car Care, and will continue to do business exclusively with them. Regards, A fellow enthusiast and very big fan, -Seth Lawrence

Thank you for the kind words Seth! We appreciate the heartfelt response to our business practices and we truly feel like you are apart of the #USPFamily. Customers like you are the reason we keep this fire lit and we will continue to push forward!

– USP Euro Car Care

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