I have tried doing business with USP multiple times and it’s always been horrible and the word horrible is an understatement. First experience I had a K04 S4 with matching injectors of their certain kit that they sell. I asked for a dyno tune and Chris Green himself told me I am not tuning your unless you buy the 2200 fuel kit which is an ECU, Injectors and a MAF which I already had and said I will not touch it. Second experience had a GT28 installed in my VW and the job was so jacked up it was ridiculous. My third most recent AND LAST EXPERIENCE with them I bought a diverter valve from them and was told it WOULD WORK for my vehicle and after I had it installed it clearly wouldn’t work because the car itself had a mechanical wastegate and story short they told me that they wouldn’t return it because it was installed. Although it wasn’t driven on it was pressure tested to make sure it worked. So I was out 230 dollars on their part and 300 on installation mind you I have to pay removal and new installation again once I get the GFB diverter valve. Not to mention all the bad experience all my local friends have had that’s a story on its own. IF YOU CAN STAY AWAY, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU DO UPDATE: They have replied to me just now in this column. They were not civil with me on the phone as they are in they were in their response, and stated that my technician is incapable of installing it. Read up on the factory turbos on these cars again. They also offered to blackmail me by if I removed my negative feedback that was written here that they would return the part. I personally would rather take the loss and spread the word out about your “GRADE F” customer service. So please do not be fooled by the illusion of them being nice to me. Also I am not a wholesaler with your company so I apologize you believe that. CONSUMERS BE AWARE !! IT TOOK POSTING A NEGATIVE RECIEW ABOUT THEM TO RETURN THEM PART AND BLACKMAILING ME TO GET MY REVIEW DOWN JUST FOR THEM TO TAKE THE PART BACK, BUT WONT TAKE IT DOWN FOR PURPOSE.

First I would like to say thanks for the review, any feedback we get will help us improve our service to our customers. I am going to address your concern with the part you installed and want to return. Correct us if we are wrong but you are an wholesaler/dealer of our company? Which you purchased this product on your company account and came to USP with a purchase order/part number and asked for this product?. The kit you purchased is made for a FSI 2.0t motor, when you called our customer service line we explained how you needed to install it. Even with the an aftermarket turbo kit on the car, which in fact both the aftermarket and the stock turbos come equipped with a mechanical wastegates. So that would not have anything to do with your problem. We explained to your “technician” on the phone how to install the product and the response that was given to our customer service person was they didn’t understand the instructions. Because you are local we have no problem with installing these products for you to insure you that they do fit the car if they are properly installed. If you would like to take us up on this offer please feel free to call at anytime

– USP Euro Car Care

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