BMW is one of the favorite luxury brands that we service at USP Euro Car Care. They are powerful, elegant, luxurious vehicles with gorgeous aesthetics. BMWs offer a terrific return on investment if you take care of them properly and choose wisely.

But like any car, there are questions you should ask before purchasing a new or used BMW. You want to pick a vehicle that’s best suited to your lifestyle in the Coral Springs area. BMWs do not make good starter cars for a family. They make great cars for the family that has grown and is ready to enjoy the finer things in life and for the driver who is thoughtful and careful about how they maintain their BMW.

Here are four essential factors to consider when deciding to buy a BMW:

Your Family – if you have children, you may want to pass your beautiful BMW on to your firstborn someday. Getting a luxury car when your kids are still under 8 is a risk. Kids can be hard on an interior. Until they are ready and show they respect your car, stick with the kind of car that’s best suited for transporting the kids around.

Where You Live – if you don’t have a garage that offers complete coverage at home and your work, getting a BMW with a luxurious interior (as the 7 series does) is a bit of a waste, as the summer sun will enact a heavy toll on the seats. If you live on the beach, salt corrosion is also a consideration. It’s the epitome of luxury to take your family to the beach in a BMW convertible. It’s a Grimm fairy tale to get caught in the sand and need towing.

How You Drive – One of the most critical factors in knowing if you’re ready to step up to a BMW is, what’s your history with cars? Do you tend to need transmissions replaced? Do the vehicles you own tend to ‘die’ on you, or do you keep them and retain a lot of their value when selling them? A BMW has investment power, so you want to be the driver who babies a car. If you switch gear when pulling out of a parking lot while rolling backward, you’re someone who will eventually pay us a lot of money for transmission repairs. If you drive with a messy car, you’re likely someone who doesn’t see the value in your vehicle– and will be less likely to protect it in traffic situations.

How you Approach Car Care – If your idea of car maintenance is to take your car to a mechanic when there’s a flashing light, we wouldn’t recommend a BMW for you. But plan to look after it with regularly scheduled maintenance from an auto shop that offers top-tier European care service, like USP Euro Car Care.

Don’t hesitate to make USP Euro Car Care in Coral Springs, FL, your go-to auto repair shop for European vehicles. Contact us today to book an appointment, and we’ll set you up with a complimentary 15-minute “no wrench inspection” with one of our ASE-Certified auto mechanics. We bring over 20+ years of specialized vehicle service to the Coral Springs community, and we would love to welcome you to our shop!