Have you ever had a shop tell say that you had an oil leak, but yet you’ve never seen any oil on your driveway or in your garage? It makes you wonder what they are looking at. If you are a client of USP Euro Car Care, we will send pictures so you can see what we see. Just because an engine or transmission has oil leaking doesn’t necessarily mean it will travel and hit the ground.

Sometimes oil leaks are slow seepage vs a constant drip thus coating the sides of the engine or transmission and when enough dirt and debris coats the oil it causes buildup grim. So why do shops recommend repair work when oil is leaking? Because when the oil gets on any rubber components, like control arm bushings, engine mounts, or strut bushings, it will cause the rubber to deteriorate. Other times oil is leaking onto other components such as water pumps or alternators that will cause them to fail.

Today in most cars have oil sealing gaskets that are made out of rubber. They do a fantastic job of keeping engines fairly leak free. Rubber, over time, will harden and brittle losing its sealing capabilities. This is what causes engines, transmissions and other components that depend on some form of sealant to leak oil/fluid.

At USP Euro Car Care our certified Master Technicians do a great job of keeping an eye on your vehicle’s future for you, we will notice and point out even when it’s starting to seep oil/fluid. That is usually a good opportunity to replace the gaskets before they become a leak which may become a $$$ costly repair.