Photo by Eric Ardito on Unsplash

Coral Springs may not be the chilliest of locales, but that doesn’t mean the cold weather doesn’t affect us. We still get sweater days, frosted windshields, and other problems other states rarely get. People still run their heater and their seat warmer. (Almost) no one likes the bitter cold!

The cold weather has its way with your vehicle. Once the temperature hits freezing, t can affect many of the systems in your car. That’s why ensuring these things are taken care of during a big freeze is essential. For example:

Windshield Wipers– your wipers are made of hard rubber, and freezing can cause them to crack.

Brakes – while brakes themselves are not affected by the cold, brake pads and brake fluid are!

Tires – as with your wipers, your tires are made of hard rubber that can crack and splinter in freezing temperatures.

Battery – your battery has water, which can freeze at low temperatures!

Fluids – it’s vital to have the proper fluids topped up on your vehicle. Power steering, coolant, anti-freeze, brake fluid, oil, and more must be maintained for good health.

Belts & Hoses– As with other products mentioned here, belts and hoses are made of rubber, and freezing temperatures have been known to make them brittle.

All of these are important to look at now, especially before the rainy season picks up a couple of months from now. The damage you ignore now may lead to unpleasant wear later. If you need help looking at any or all of these things, let us know– we’re qualified to work around your issues and ready to assist you!

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